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Ashland Lock & Safe was founded by Ashland native Benjamin LaMere in 2005. He attended the Lockmasters Security Institute in 2002 and apprenticed for several years in Sedona, AZ before returning to his true home in the Northwest. He is currently the single father of a teenage son.

Not long after starting Ashland Lock & Safe, he also created the business name Affordable Locksmiths. At the time, getting found in a search engine was extremely complicated. If you were in Medford and searched for a locksmith, chances were you would never find Ashland Lock & Safe in the search results. Google had specific rules about local search. Business addresses that were 15 miles from Medford, like Ashland Lock & Safe, just couldn't compete even though over half of Ben's business now comes from Medford.

So Ben created the name Affordable Locksmiths in addition to Ashland Lock & Safe to reach the Medford market. In this ever changing world of media and advertising, Ben has continued to keep both company names in order to reach as many customers as possible. So when you call Ashland Lock & Safe, and the Affordable Locksmith van pulls up--it's still Ashland Lock & Safe! It's all about reaching the customer when they need a hand (and torturing his webmaster aka his mom).

Hours and Emergency Service

Ashland Lock & Safe's normal business hours are 9-5 Monday-Friday. We are a 100% mobile locksmith, which means we do not have a store front.

Our 24/7 Emergency Service (outside of normal business hours) is available at a premium to our day rate. If you have a lockout situation that can wait until the next business day, our advice to you is to call and schedule an appointment or call back during regular business hours.

Ashland Lock & Safe is a fully licensed contractor and locksmith in the State of Oregon. That means we are required by law to ask for identification, proof of ownership, or proof of residence in the event you are locked out of your home or vehicle. This protects you, the consumer, from someone else trying to steal your vehicle or gain entry into your home. The code of conduct of a locksmith is quite strict on these issues and we hope you respect that these measures are in your best interest as well as our own.

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