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Whether you are locked out of your house or need new hardware, Ashland Lock & Safe welcomes your call.  Our services include:

• 24/7 Emergency lockout service

• Free home security assessment

• Master Key Systems

• Installation (ADA Compliant) and Sales

• Key Control Systems

Residential Hardware

We carry a wide variety of hardware from top manufacturers. As is the case in most everything in life, you get what you pay for.

Schlage has long been reputed to be the gold standard in residential security hardware. We carry Schlage as well as less expensive brands to fit whatever your budget may be. We are happy to discuss what works best for you when you call.

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High-Tech Locks -- Are they secure enough?

Bluetooth Locks

Bluetooth door locks are genuine deadbolt locks. The locks run on two AA batteries and will send you a reminder when the batteries need replacing. The locks are supplied with regular keys but they are Bluetooth enabled. To use it, you download an app onto your smartphone and register it. To open the lock, approach the door from the outside with your phone’s Bluetooth turned on. The lock confirms your identity and your simply touch the lock to open the door.

Bluetooth locks aren’t gimmicks. They are actually secure mortise locks with added Bluetooth functionality. They are also a good option for people with disabilities who don't have the hand-strength or availability to turn a key.

However, some smart locks do lack some key security features that you should expect from a quality door lock such as a security strike plate to dissipate force through your door frame should your door be forced. For less than half the price of one of these smart locks, you could pick up a genuine pick- and bump-proof disc-type deadbolt lock to protect your home.

Bump Keys

You may have heard the term bump key but what exactly is it? Bump keys are a lockpicking tool in the form of a key generally used to open a lock, on which all of the pin positions have been cut down to the lowest position. Striking this key sharply with a hammer while applying turning force at just the right instant after the impact will 'bump' open a lock.

Bump keys have become easier to acquire in recent years thanks to the internet. Youtube even has videos posted for criminals to learn how to use them. There are multiple options for lock replacement to solve this increasing security risk.

Call us- Let us help you decide

With so many options on the market, from digital keypad locks, fingerprint readers and bluetooth locks, to higher end decorator design locks, you need an expert to guide you to making the right decisions for the security of your home. Call Ashland Lock & Safe today for a free estimate for avoiding bump key issues, replacing existing hardware, rekeying, and all your locksmith needs.

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