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Locked out? Ignition stuck? Let's get you back on the road. We offer the following services:

• Fobs & smart keys originated and duplicated (most makes)

• 24/7 Emergency openings

• Broken key extraction

• Ignition unlock/replacement

• Trunk and glovebox keys

• We bill State Farm directly

Locked out of car

Did you know we can save you money on things you thought only your dealer or mechanic could fix?

Toyota Owners

One common problem with all Toyota locks from 1992-2007 is they contain two unique tumblers in their locks that cause them to get stuck and only turn partially. This may be due to the key being worn or the tumbler itself being worn.
Either way, Ashland Lock & Safe can repair this unique problem and save you hundreds of dollars and your lock will not need to be replaced. If you were to take this to a mechanic, you would have your lock replaced and be left with separate keys and no longer be able to use just one key with your vehicle security.
Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep

A nagging problem with Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles built from 1998-2008 is their ignition locks contain a sidebar ignition lock that can freeze up and will not turn. Your dealer or mechanic could replace this and like the Toyota issue, you would be left with 2 separate keys.
Ashland Lock & Safe can repair this problem without replacing the lock. If you consider how much it costs to tow a vehicle ini addition to the cost a shop or dealer could charge to replace the lock, plus the cost of the part itself that doesn't really need to be thrown away, it would be easily cost you $250 at a minimum.

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